Terms and Conditions

KEJOR BV has its registered office at 3740 Bilzen, Oude Kluisweg 3A, with the KBO number BE0774.778.986.
KEJOR.BE is the name and domain name of the web store owned by KEJOR BV.
By signing an order form, placing an order, accepting a delivery or accepting an invoice, the customer expressly confirms to know and accept the general terms and conditions of sale, delivery and payment of the seller.
In case of purchase via the web shop, the sales agreement is concluded at the moment that the online order is validated by the customer with an order confirmation by KEJOR BV, which is sent by e-mail.
The general terms and conditions are accepted by the customer at the moment that the order is validated by means of the order confirmation from KEJOR BV.
These terms and conditions are an integral part of the agreement with the exclusion of the customer's terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed.

KEJOR BV reserves the right to change the sales prices stated on the website at any time.
The products are invoiced on the basis of the rates in effect at the time the order is accepted.

The sales prices are expressed in euros and are exclusive of VAT. 

The transport and any insurance costs are always at the expense of the customer, unless otherwise agreed.
These are calculated on delivery and are stated separately on the invoice.

The sales prices included in the order form, quotation or online order are based on the currently applicable prices. In the event of price increases, the seller reserves the right to adjust the stated prices proportionally (between the date of the order form/online order and the delivery).
This price increase is communicated to the customer by the seller by registered letter or by e-mail. If the customer does not agree with the price increase, he can still cancel the purchase by registered letter or by e-mail at the latest within eight days from the notification of the price change.

The delivery times are provided by way of information only and are therefore not binding unless expressly agreed. 
A delay in delivery cannot give rise to termination of the agreement, nor can it generate any right to compensation on the part of the customer.

Complaints regarding conformity or visible defects must be made by registered letter within eight days after delivery or receipt by the buyer.

Hidden defects can only give rise to compensation if they are reported by registered letter within three months of their discovery. The goods may not have been processed or treated and the intervention is limited to the selling price of the goods.

A cancellation of the order by the buyer must be done by registered letter. The buyer then owes a fixed compensation of 20 % of the price of the order with a minimum of € 100.00.
The sale can no longer be canceled from the moment the merchandise has been delivered or received.

Unless otherwise stated, invoices are payable in cash.

In the event of late payment of the invoice, from the due date, by operation of law and without prior notice of default, late payment interest of 10 % on an annual basis, as well as a fixed compensation of 10 % of the amount still due, with a minimum of € 150.00.

As long as the goods have not been paid for, they remain the property of the seller.

If the buyer does not collect the goods on the date communicated to him, the seller reserves the right, after the expiry of a period of fifteen days, to consider the agreement as dissolved, and this without prior notice of default.
The storage of the goods pending delivery or collection is at the expense and risk of the buyer.

In the absence of the buyer upon delivery to the delivery address indicated by him, the seller will pass on the cost of the second transport to the customer.

All disputes arising from this agreement will be handled exclusively by the courts of the judicial district of Limburg, Tongeren division. Belgian law always applies.